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So Whipped, have a Mmmmoment

The Moments we create. We don’t just wait for them, we go looking for them, we inspire them, encourage them, we become them. So Whipped is about the cream on top of your coffee, the icing on the cupcake, the person who is oh so in love they would do anything. So Whipped is the favourite part of your day,  puddle jumping, the first sip of a cold drink on a hot summers day or snuggling with someone you love under a blanket with a warm cup of hot chocolate on a cold winters night. That kiss that makes you lose your breath and your toes curl. Those contented moments that we have, where we think to ourselves, life is well!!!

Our beautiful Cafe is 98% recycled, reused, reclaimed and green. The only items that we couldn’t go green with was our sign board and our tap.

We love using whole foods, real eggs and LOADS of butter in our baking.

We are passionate about good coffee, currently pouring Science of Coffee – Phi Blend. These high quality beans are sourced directly from Central America and blended with two natural East African coffee beans. Science Of Coffee are local micro-roasters (North Coast, Kwa-Zulu Natal) who work directly with the farmers to help improve their crops. So Whipped receives these expertly roasted coffee beans weekly, ensuring consistently fresh coffee.

The Phi Blend works beautifully in a number of brewing methods, but particularly espresso based drinks. We recommend a single Cappuccino, or for something a little stronger, but silky smooth, a double shot Flat White.

Flavour Notes: Oak, Spiced chocolate and Syrah.

All So Whipped baristas have completed our training course. They are continually being critiqued on their barista skills and attend ongoing training workshops. We ensure a clean espresso machine and properly dialed in grinder settings every day.

We hope you taste the love in every cup.


Candice Courtney
Candice Courtney

Owner and Head Chef







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You actually cannot believe the taste sensation satisfaction until you’ve tasted So Whipped’s baking. It’s OUTSTANDING! And then just as you think you’ve tasted the best, they amaze you again. Master Bakers personified! – Meredith Christie

My happy place. Love your Banting chocolate cake (bomb) with whipped cream! And delicious decaf cappuccinos. Appreciated today how Candice went to her car to fetch her I phone charger for my phone that was on its last legs. Honorable and kind hearted, a gift from God, is the basis of this coffee and cake shop. Thanks for the friendly staff always. – Taryn Edge

I stumbled upon this place while walking through Gateway and I thought they had a witty name so I figured I should give them a go – and OHMYGOSH was I right to do so. They have the most incredible cupcakes in the world, and I am a cupcake connoisseur, trust me. My personal favourites are the red velvet and the belgian chocolate but they have so much more to offer, all sorts of cakes and muffins and they make a mean cronut ( if you see it, you will want to shove it in your face). Plus, the owner Candice is super nice and she comes for chats sometimes. I also thought it was cute that they had a separate children’s play area, seemed useful for busy mommies. Oh, and my boyfriend thought their coffee is great but I haven’t personally had a taste though. But he is to be trusted haha. All in all a great experience for me, not so great for my total BMI. Will be back every chance I get.Theodora V (Bucharest Romania – Trip Advisor)

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A Handful of Cupcakes

by Candice Courtney

We are launching our new blog with something that is close to my heart.

If we are to do life as humans we need to ask ourselves one question. Why are we here? It’s a fundamental question of life. People turn to God, others the big bang. ? I personally believe we are here with a task (tasks) set out for us.

And what do we leave behind when we leave this earth?

How do we impact and change lives? Because at the end of the day that is really what lives on. A blessing from generation to generation or a curse.

I wish to bless. Firstly my family (they are obviously my priority as would be any mothers) and then those around us.

My question to myself was how does what I have in my hands change lives? Cake? Haha, it doesn’t. ? It’s just a medium. It has created a platform in which to make a difference. Yay! Whoooohoooo! But how…?

So I’ve thought long and hard and I promise this is 100% my original idea. ? I haven’t tried to copy anyone or want to use this to put myself in the limelight.

There are rules with this. ? I believe that in ‘giving’ “your left hand must not know what your right hand is giving/doing’. In other words its not about letting everyone know that you’re charitable. Because then it becomes a pride thing and you lose the whole reason to the giving. That is why you won’t see any selfies of anyone giving the cupcake to anyone.

Okay so back to my idea…. It’s called “A hand Full of Cupcakes”. (Mostly because the thought of ‘cupcakes with a cause’ didn’t really appeal to me. ? and I couldn’t think of anything better and… It doesn’t really matter about the name. Hahaha.

Yes I laugh to myself a lot! – crazy/childlike I don’t care.
This is the deal.
We feature someone deserving or in need, they are presented with a ‘Happy Birthday Cupcake’ (It’s not their birthday but who doesn’t love a happy birthday Cupcake?) The cupcake is our/the giver’s gift to them to say we acknowledge you, we appreciate what you’re doing and or we want to help.
Their story is shared with their contact details. I am also going to set up a fund me page for this. So if anyone wants to give they can. If you want to check with anyone who knows me I’m super honest. Im not going to use any funds for any personal gain in any way. (Note to self need to make sure that there is an accountant involved so to be beyond reproach or do we set up an NGO? Find out)
If the public want to help, they can, if not then we keep on keeping on.
The person can be homeless, young and wanting to study, someone who is making a difference in their community…. It can be anyone.
I’m not a writer but one thing I do know though is that Im passionate about people. So please don’t judge me on my spelling or grammar. Hehe.
If you want to get involved and maybe contribute to the blog posts of contribute in anyway, please let me know. We are wanting bloggers to get involved but choosing person and writing about them. If I know anything about South Africans is that they desperately want to make a difference in this country but they don’t have an outlet in which to do so. It may only be one person’s life that yo affect but if we all made a difference in just one person’s life we would change the world!

Should you wish to contact me, my email is

Im at the Cafe most days (if not every day) too. ?
My last question to you is… WHAT DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR HANDS?


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